Typhos The Beast |MOC|

Surprisingly this is revamp of one of my older, Mocs. Here’s the old one:

Terrible right? So here’s the revamp!
There’s not much else about him… here’s a link to the MOC Showcase on my YouTube channel: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ae4-vDgsP-I


Thats like, amazing dude.

I love the head design.

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Pretty neat. I like the design of that one long arm; how freaky it is and the character it adds. The head also has a nice design.

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Looks pretty cool. The head design is probably my favorite part.

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Mm, that head is amazing. :ok_hand:

Besides the amazing head design, this MOC is pretty great.

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Dude everyone likes the head! It’s really simple, it’s just a G2 head with a skull spider mask attached upside down with a Gali 2016 mask attached to the place where the brain stalk would go. I also added the orange eyes to the side using the clips on the skull spider Mask as well as the fins

I’m going to go against the norm here and say the heads is horrifying. The Bohrok eyes in orange just flat-out do not mesh, and the rest of the head leaves a lot to be desired.

The rest of the MOC isn’t too bad though. Even though this MOC looks nothing like the original.

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Yeah I was honestly surprised people like the head. Also it’s meant to look nothing like the original. It’s meant to be like its armor was shed off and Typhos showed his true spirit. Idk