Tyracent King of Cindaria





Name: Tyracent
Element: Fire
Occupation: King
Homeland: Cindaria (formerly named KAI-HOE)
Tyracent was once a simple TOA who knew how the country can prosper.
he formed a revelution and took down the King. He know rules and fights for Cindaria in the name of the people
"Call me King or Tyrant my people will call me their leader"
(Tyracent to Iriko)



His gun is called Visoraks bane. a 3 bladed sword with the fangs of a visorak and a molten blade

His Giant Gun is called Rahkshi's Inferno a Gift from Vanaru (Hunted the Rahkshi) and Harian (Crafted the Gun)

It uses Kraata as Ammunition

You see this hand joint here

and here

Well his Visoraks Bane goes here

and Rahkshi's Inferno goes here

And now he can give orders from afar


I don't know what to think about him

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Too much orange on chest and wierd back.

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  • Color Scheme looks OK
  • Weapon Storage is OK, but sword should be placed on its side
  • The Model just looks strange
  • Color Distribution is terrible
  • Weaponry is a bit too large for the MOC
  • Legs are a bit too simplistic
  • Open socket on the foot in the middle of the chest looks unfinished
  • The pelvis armor is unnatural
  • The back is filled, but not very well
  • Open pins on back look bad
  • Toa hands on back look pretty bad without weapons
  • Arms are too thin
  • Vezon chestplates on arms look bad and probably flop around

I would give this MOC a 3/10.
I'm not trying to be rude or mean, but the MOC has a ton of issues. Littered with bad design choices and an overall unappealing appearance, I think it has a long way to go.

Needs Alot of Work. grimacing

P.S. I'm sorry if I came down too hard


One of these things is not like the other.

Well you see @Helioskrill I went for the Gangplank style Arsenal a sword and a gun

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His arms need a load more bulk, as his torso makes his limbs look like sticks.

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That was a problem they did not do any Metru red or orange ccbs pieces that I know of so I tried my best

First off, The piece came out the same year, meaning the Terms "Inika Armor" and "Vezon Chestplate" are similar to toe-mate-oh and tu-maugh-toe. Secondly, the color of the piece doesn't really matter when referring to it. We still call Raanu's feet the "Keetorange Toa Mata Feet", not his feet. Also, I know who the Inika are and I'm pretty sure you know I do, so why are you trying to condescend me? It is extremely unnecessary.

The back armor gave me diabetes. The rest is pretty legit, though.

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They did both of those things.

Orange was actually quite common, even.

It must have happened when i didnt buy Hero Factory

Well..he is a thing....

Oh my goodness..

here goes nothing.

lets start with the legs. The feet, they are fine, whatever. the lower legs need bulk and they need it bad, they are WAAYYYYYY too skinny for the huge body, the upper legs are still, too skinny, the red pins you used to attach them looks odd and it sticks out really oddly, it looks like he had a strange looking compound fracture. so scrap the legs, head back to the drawing board.

the torso. the cod-piece looks off, and it looks really odd compared to the HF foot above it, about that foot..NO. it looks bad, the open socket and the dip in the foot look strange and make him look fat...but in the strangest way... so retry that, the orange is not spread out AT ALL, and the MOC pays for it, the use of av-matoran legs is interesting, and with some work you could make it look better. the red visorak feet..eh, they are okay. the whole torso looks...off, maybe try to make a better one? maybe spread the orange around and maybe use that inika chest for the chest? if custom is not your fancy.

the arms, they are wayyyyy too skinny, the upper arms look bad because they are black, and they are so skinny compared to the rest of him, the lower arms are just kinda meh,

the head. eh.

the weapons...dont really care for them. the sword looks cool enough, but the gun thing looks odd.

Over all, he has some work to be done, he is not the most awful MOC ever, and he is okay for a beginner. just keep at it and you will get there. good luck!

BTW CCBS is your friend.

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