Tyrannosaurus Rex

The king/Queen of the Mesozoic Era is here!

(this isn’t the end of the dino series but it is close)

Feedback/criticism is appriciated

This is for the flashbacks

Hoped you enjoyed!


The king has arrived! This looks amazing. The torso construction is solid and the whole moc flows well.

Can’t wait to see what’s next. :relaxed:

They never cease.

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The neck is slightly too skinny for my tastes… maybe placing a tire on it might help. If not, make a custom neck using wheels. Other than that, looks pretty great.

For a simple ccbs build it looks pretty good.

uhm Tyrannosaurus Rex lived during the Cretaceous, not the Jurassic.

this is a pretty good tyrannosaur though the hands are way too big compared to the acctual dinosaur but i guess i can understand this as stylization


I don’t know, the proportions say raptor to me.

Maybe if it said mesozoic instead.

I don’t like that bright blue. It’s break the color skin. Besides, it’s a very cool little MOC.