Tytan self moc: Ccbs and minifig form



(Guys my self moc is called Titan not tytan, so if you could change the website a little so I can put the correct name in the title that would be good)


Hey this is not to bad, please take more pictures though as this does not really give a feel for the build.

This is pretty cool looking! The color scheme works well on Titan. Some more photos of it would be great though :smile:

I tried editing that title for ya...but uhm...I can't, as 'Titan' contains one of the censored words on the site.

Neat MOC's regardless!

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Minifigure looks good and the full moc looks like a basic 2016 toa set but he looks nice and has a good color scheme. Nothing I can praise but nothing to hate either.

Looks pretty great, don't see many mocs swagging the MoC. I like the swords on his legs and his green sword looks amazing. Would like to see more photos. Not a fan of the gun although I'm not a fan of any Bionicle G2 guns. The minifig translations pretty solid. Maybe if you could find minifig arms in gold that would add a lot more detail.

I like it. The build and color scheme is good on the CCBS form. The only thing I would suggest are to somehow cover up the blue pins and yellow axles because the break up the color scheme. The minifig form looks nice as well.