U2 (Whaddya mean that isn't long enough?!)

How the heck is this not a topic.
I went over the music category TWICE.

But let's discuss one of the greatest bands of all time, U2, whose lead singer is Bono.
My personal favorite song of theirs is "Pride (In the Name of Love).
I know it's a lot of people's favorite, but it just has a great sound along with an amazing meaning.


I've listened to this band a hundred times over the years...I still love without you to this day.


Definitely one of the best. My personal favorite is probably "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" which I now have a hard time not imagining Var and Takuma singing.


Probably one of my favorite bands, their music always have a meaning.


One of the May reasons I like them so much.


It's A Beautiful Day and Where The Streets Have No Name are my favorites.

As a whole they remind of a time when mainstream music wasn't entirely crap.


I was obsessed with U2 in high school. I still listen to them quite a bit. They have a gazillion imitators, but none of them are better than the real thing (yeah, I went there), which I think says a lot; it's hard not to be outdone by someone younger or more technically skilled. Achtung Baby, the Joshua Tree, and Zooropa are my favorite albums, and don't get me started on favorite songs. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don't really listen to U2, but I remember they had that whole iTunes controversy a few years back

They sound interesting. Does anyone have a list of song recommendations?

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Here you go.


I hate to be off topic, but you're out of high school, I thought you were still a teenager?! Also yeah, they have a lot of imitators, the first few seconds of Where the Streets Have No Name sounds pretty similar to the first few seconds of "Shut Up and Dance".

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In addition to what @Sonus said, I really like One, Mysterious Ways, Stay (Faraway, So Close), and With or Without You.


Chuck Testa

(There, does that date me enough? :stuck_out_tongue: )

Just looked it up

You weren't kidding. XD

A lot of Christian rock is highly derivative of them as well.



Turns out my parents had a copy of Achtung Baby, as my brother handed me a random disk he found downstairs that turned out to be said album.

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Oh yeah, bit late to say this but I saw them on tour.
It was one of the best experiences of my life, no exaggeration.


I should add that to my bucket list, along with a select few other bands/artists. U2 would definitely sit at the top of the ones I must see live.

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