Ultimate Exo-Toa Duel (90th Anniversary Entry)

Submission phase is over, but I felt like sharing these with you guys. :slight_smile: let me know what you think! Any criticism is appreciated.

  • As the battle between the robots and humans rages across Sentai mountain, the Toa Inika scale the mountain in search of the Golden City. For it is there that the fabled Kanohi Ignika, the Mask of Life, is said to have been hidden. When they reach the city they find that the villainous Piraka got there first! Now, piloting discarded robot battle machines, the Piraka are an even more dangerous threat than ever! Donning powerful Exo-Toa suits, the Inika fight, not only for the Golden Mask and City, but the universe itself! Who will win? Who will lose?

This was by far the flimsiest moc I’ve ever put together, Matoro’s exo suit in particular would not stay together. If I tried to sturdy it up, it got too bulky, so I had to just carefully pose it just right and then not touch it again until I had to lol
Avak’s machine was really fun to put together, I loved making a spiky battle machine to match the Piraka’s theme.


You know if Lego had released something like this for Bionicle back in the day, I might have put more money into Exo-Force and Ninjago later on. This is pretty cool!

I also had a little trouble with build stability in my entry, but at that point you just label it a ‘display piece only’ lol. They seem to balance each other out visually though, and I love the brick built (and functional?) Cordak Blaster.

10/10! Best of luck!


These two mechs look really good. The spiky detail for Avak’s is pretty nice, and Matoro’s machine is definitely very cool looking. Great job!

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looks great!

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Wow this is awesome! You found a great balance between system and Bionicle/CCBS styles! I especially like Avak’s mech, it’s spikier than even the spikiest robot battle machine from the original Exo-Force!

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These are really cool, although the CCBS kinda clashes with the System bricks on Matoro’s Exo-toa.

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Yeah they definitely ended up “display only” lol! Thanks I had fun putting together that Cordak Blaster (and yes it definitely works!) :grin:

Ice puns, I like it! :cold_face: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks, I was really happy with how the balance turned out, it felt a little weird mixing them all together, I haven’t done that very often!

Yeah the almost exclusive CCBS armor on Matoro’s is in my opinion the weakest aspect of the design, but at the end of the day I think it accomplished the look I was going for, with his being more sleek and modern, compared to Avak’s hodgepodge machine.

Thanks for the feedback guys, I appreciate it!


Feels like a 2006 invasion from below. Love it.

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Glad you liked it! Yes they definitely helped inspire this build as well.
For some reason invasion from below seemed to be rather unpopular for the most part, and I always enjoyed Exo-Force, so I figured I’d tie this build into that theme rather than just “tiny bionicle characters with mechs” :grin: