Ultimate ttv members I guess

HAI GUIZE rekencty I mad a gr8 art dat I pu in fanfic ov elyay on the eljay faniction topic ( http://board.ttvpodcast.com/t/eljay-fanfictions-post-your-eljay-fanfics-here/118/88 ) and dekid to mak more of titan version
u mai also no me from http://board.ttvpodcast.com/t/8-8-exclnt-art-wood-vew-again-mask-art-boinicle-very-rar/395/17

this is xXx_titan_eljay_master_of MangosteenxXx set no. 413N4, freeshipping-bionicle-wars-likenewcondition+shreddddeeerrrcccccllllaawwssss piruk+GoodGuy+BadGuyFreeshipping

forgot I you to tell that make can I you 1:TIDE
(I can make ya one if ya like?, if not xtrem island meso raisin amazin spectaular+ Viper freeshapping

Man I sucked back in the day


1st, please use full words. 2nd, that's amazing art. 3rd, NO ONE IS GOING TO PAY THAT MUCH!!!!!!!!

~Your Not To classy, Mate~

Your grammar and spelling ain't to classy either, mate.

By that, I mean of course, that you used the wrong form of the word too

To example: "Let's go to Onu-Koro

Too example: I hate the Jungle. Too many bugs.

Two example: two plus two equals four.

Also, wrong form of you're.

You used Your. Which amounts to explaining possession. Like, "Oh, that's your mask?" as opposed to You're. Which is a contraction of You and Are.

So it is: "You're Not Too Classy, Mate"


Umm okay? I have no idea if you're just pissed off, or if you think that it actually matters? Oh well. Anyways, I assume you are defending the guy who made this topic witch is fine, just know that I was totally joking. I assume that he was too.

Also that was kinda rude.

I'm sorry. >.< That was actually pretty douchey of me.

No, I basically said that whole deal because to, your, and there, are like... my biggest pet peeves. I'm not pissed, per say, so much as I am just tired of it.

I'm not angry at you personally, and I really wish not to make any enemies here, so once again, I apologize. >.<

I mean really? Do you understand what sarcasm is?
I always get told that that's how I normally write, but seriously? No freaking seriously? Once in a while lighten up, its sarcasm, maybe even roleplay of sorts, but please don't take this in a rude way. My personality isn't one of a serious person, I am a little insane, sometimes funny, sometimes stupid, but once in a blue moon I am serious.

(sorry if I come off as a little rude, I just woke up)



Hey sorry man. I understand that I insulted you. And that was mean. I actually laughed at this topic for like 5 minutes. I mean I knew you were joking.

wait..you wrote that on purpose, as a joke? oh sorry then I thought that was a legitment complaint regarding my spelling, oh and glad that made you laugh, if you like I can make ya one, they only take pro editing skills x2 to make, I already made my self lol,


Yeah man totally joking! And I would freaking looooove one! I'll pay like, 1000 euro 2 buy 1 lol

yours will be delivered to classytreegeckoHQ later today thank you for ordering

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Okay can't wait till it arrives!



make me one with something to do with the wind waker batton or the master sword

I'd love one of these!

@KyoryuYellow1138 give me a theme of sorts
@Greencapps yours will be today, no guarantees
@fangface1 u will get one..with a sir fangar face

Power Rangers, black vahki, and scythes.

yours is ready congratulations


i cant stop laughing!!!!!!