Ultra Agents Infearno Interception alternate build: Submarine and Hovercraft

The title says it all. Here's the sub:

It retains the shooting function.
It's got little port holes on the sides.

And a rediculacly large engine.

The other side.
Now, the hovercraft:

It's weird.

It was mostly made to use the left overs.

The stand stinks, but kind of works.

Thant's about it.


Besides some unnecessary greebles, the sub is pretty cool. I'm not a huge fan of the Hovercraft, though. It's just extremely awkward-looking.


The sub is a bit over-greebled. It kind of don't fit with the ultra agents "vibe". The hovercraft doesn't do anything for me. Keep trying, though!

The sub looks a bit boxish, but I like the concept behind it :smile:

@Plural @king328
I don't really like the hovercraft either, but I wanted to use some of the left over parts. Maybe this can make up for it:

The over greebling is just a result of trying to have as few open studs as possible.


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