ULTRA Stronius

hello people!
Remember my very first Moc here on the message boards?
Well, it was MEGA Stronius, but now after a couple years i upgraded him a bit.
now he is ULTRA Stronius!
his torso/head changed near to nothing, but his legs, feet, arms, hands and weapon are changed.
the colorscheme stayed the same, black and silver. (i know, a bit boring)

take a look what it was first…

…and what it is now! enjoy

let me know what you think in the comments and thanks for eveything!


Someone went to the gym!
Solid moc 9/10 :ok_hand:


This looks amazing!
My only complaint is that the front could use some more translucent red


Nice job! He looks a tad bland though, maybe a bit more red and black to spice him up.

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Well one things for sure this guy didn’t miss leg day or peck or arm day. This is a great improvement! Good work

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I think it could use some more color, but it still looks super intimidating and cool.