Ultrabuild Godzilla 'MatthuGoji' (Updated)

My first major revamp of Godzilla since I first built the MOC back in 2014.
No longer does he use a standard long CCBS torso, but rather he uses a custom build attached to the new half-body torso as seen in the Star Wars sets.
I used some parts from the 2016 Bionicle Summer Wave and the Star Wars Rogue One sets to modify him.


I did make a small rather pricey bricklink order for some of those extra trans-black pieces…

As for the name MatthuGoji? I built it during the black-out caused by Hurricane Mathew.

The only thing I don’t like about him, is his wide protruding shoulders, that aren’t very Godzilla-esque, not by a long shot.


If I were you, I would buy like 3 lava beasts because more parts and trans black glory

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Have I seen this before? Did you upload a how-to on youtube?

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This moc is amazing!!! I have always wanted to see a good ccbs/bionicle Godzilla moc. And now, MY DREAMS HAVE BEEN REALIZED!!!
Instructions please?

Really cool, those rare colour pieces must’ve cost a fortune. The Cragger head works surprisingly well.


It gets better each version.


We call him… Gojira.


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I really like this.
I’m no Godzilla person, but that first picture makes the moc.


The legs are the weakest part but the rest is pretty good, and having him submerged in water like that looks amazing!

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Awesome MOC. Those crystal pieces fit perfectly for his scales.


I had uploaded the instructions on how to basically build the previous design.

This version…is going to require a whooole new video.

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Oh my. The…the photography is sooo good.

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The back is my favourite part.

I really like the big 'Ol spikes, and while I’m not sure how it is built, seeing the visorak body makes me smile…

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I am immensely jelly of your amount of transblack owo

I should probably get Lava Beast.

Also the first picture is easily the best, really works out stylistically.


Let them fight.

Also, It’s be cool if you then swapped out the tail spines for the storm beast ones to symbolize charging his breath.

I feel that the legs are lacking a little. In almost every depiction of Gojira, he’s got these huge thick legs. Huge thick legs that don’t really transition into feet, they just sprout claws, and those are his feet.

Looks neat,good use of that Chima(?) head.

Here is a small upgrade I’ve done to this MOC. Most of the changes are in the tail and in the legs.

I bought a couple more Lava Beasts to get some more of those trans-black pieces.