Ultron Prime


I was expecting a transformer. :stuck_out_tongue:
This looks really good, with lots of detail and greebles.
Good job.

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Very solid, you’ve blended technic and system well.

Awesome! I like it a lot, except the head which is pretty weird, but I guess it’s ok in the same time.


Everything about it is just stellar, but I’m trying to guess if I’d be able to tell who it was if it wasn’t the same color scheme.

The head does look a little off, but the source material is incredibly difficult to remain true to.

Anyways, I think it looks amazing!

Wow! Looks great! My only criticism is the head looking a bit awkward, but I don’t see how the design could be captured in Lego at this scale any better than how it’s been done here. Rest of the body looks fantastic though!

Nice MOC you got there! The colors are consistent - and limited enough that I don’t mind the mixing of old and new silver that much, and he does look like the source material, if not instantly recognizable. The shaping for the waist is nice too, that kind of shaping would be really good for implying an hourglass shape on a feMOC. A few minor points; I think you ought to trade out the master plates on the elbows for silver Breakout shells (if you have them), and from the back view the torso isn’t very appealing, neither are the insides of the hips.

the Head shape feels off… 9.3/10