Umarak the Destroyer WIP

Hey guys! I got a thing for you!

Sorry for the crappy image, once I’m done I’ll have much better pictures.


looks pretty nice so far, I would say the knees are a little bit big, but looks cool

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Dis gonna be good.

It’s so hulking… It’s awesome!

@Asriel The knees are actually smaller than they used to be, but yeah… they are a bit big.
@MaximusPrime Im hoping so.
@Sabretooth Thanks!


All I can think of seeing this is



legs are kinda weird,otherwise this seems great

So much beef.

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It looks cool, but I don,t like his legs.

Holy thighs Batman!

This makes the chestplate look small (not that that’s a bad thing). Nice usage of those huge wheels. Also, those KNEES

To everyone complaining aout the knees, they look much better irl.

I’m not complaining, I was just astonished by the incredible bulk. I like bulkiness, and Umarak the Destroyer certainly should have a lot of it. :grin:

Ok, i was just tring to clear that this guy looks much better irl than in pics. Thanks, though.

I think more pictures would convey that pretty well.

I plan on taking pictures when im done

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