Umarak the Destroyer

This is more of a revamp than a moc as it uses his basic design. This is not based off any of the leaks but rather the way he is depicted wearing the mask of control in his comic.


Neat! I like the additional bulk he has, makes it look like the Mask of Control empowered him.

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Thanks, that’s the look I was going for.

I like the armoring, but I’ll be honest other than some piece swaps and some added leg bulk there isn’t really a whole lot to him other than adding the Mask of Control. Seems more like a mod than a MOC to me.

But I see that’s what you said, so yea, redundant critique is redundant.

I do agree though, it is more of a mod.

even though its more of a revamp than I moc I still think that you did a awesome job and that you should be proud of how it turned out because I shore am :slight_smile: keep up the great work!!

It looks very menacing with that added bulk!

I like it, especially the upper arms. however I dislike the way the neck is extended, just doesn’t feel umarak to me. overall it’s a good revamp/mod

Thanks for the great feedback guys!