UmarakKetar's Dragon Book

So I've decided to draw some dragons.

Friendly and playful, Plant Dragons dwell anywhere with lots of plants; Forests, meadows, you name it. They like to chase each other and flutter branch to branch.

The rugged, rough scales of the Earth Dragon helps it protect from predators, and store water, but who needs more protection when you have horns on the front, a club of the back, and spikes everywhere else.

Fire Dragons are attracted to heat as moths are attracted to light. They often circle erupted volcanoes like vultures. If you're thinking of having a pet Fire Dragon, give it lots of heat. Lots.

Cactus Dragons don't like fighting, so in order to protect themselves, they have tough skin and spikes. If a Cactus Dragon bites you, tackles you, or seems like it's trying to kill you, remember, they think it's only playing.

Have you ever tried to climb a tree, and have it fly away? Chances are, you climbed a Tree Dragon. Tree Dragons are surprisingly agile, being able to run and fly very fast. Tree Dragons are some of the most intelligent types of dragons.

Most Ivy Dragons are completely safe, other than fangs, claws, and fire, but some Ivy Dragons are covered with an oil that causes blisters, swelling, and a minor cough. Here's a rhyme that'll help you figure out which are which: "Wing of three, let it be."

Wildfire Dragons were once thought to be evil spirits because they burn down forests for seemingly no reason, but they do it to incubate their eggs in the wild. Fun fact: they are often followed by Fire Dragons.

Lava Dragons eat rocks and heat them up in their stomach in order to use them projectiles. Their layer of blubber protects them from the intense heat of the volcanoes that they live in.

To be able to go without water for months in the desert requires you to save lots of energy, which the Desert Dragon definitely does. They move very slowly, digest things very slowly, basically do everything very slowly. Desert Dragons have been known to eat whole cacti in emergencies.

The master of the skies, the lord of the clouds,the Air Dragon is the best flier in the dragon kingdom. With movable fins and legs that fold up perfectly into the body in flight, the Air Dragons can do amazing tricks in midair.

Leaf Dragons can go almost their whole lives without touching the ground, only living in tree branches. Their tongues move at supersonic speeds, so when near Leaf Dragons, keep an eye on your hat.

Seed Dragons gallop through the forest and as they do so, burrs and seeds get caught on the coarse hairs on their hide. So when they fly surprisingly fast in the sky, the seeds fall off and plant themselves. Some people think that modern forests were created by ancient Seed Dragons.

Second only to Mud Dragons, Dust Dragons love getting dirty. They also like getting other people and dragons dirty. some Dust Dragons have been known to make their own dust devils.

Often living in valleys and ravines, Crag Dragons do tricks that would make Air Dragons stare in awe. Crag Dragon riders are never the same.

Smoke Dragons are very mischievous creatures, jumping out of nowhere and blowing smoke in peoples faces. Look out, they could be anywhere!

Trained Flare Dragons often accompany explorers, so if they get lost the Flare Dragon flies into the air and makes as much fire and noise as possible to get the attention of rescuers.

Enjoy! More dragons will be uploaded soon



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The cactus dragon is neat. The rest are okay.

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The eyes on them :blush:

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@Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air Thanks!
@SwagMeister The Cactus Dragon is one of my best.


The inly one of these I don't really like is the Lava dragon--but other than that I think they all look fine.

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I tried to make him look gelatinous just like real lava, is there any specific problem?

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Not really, he just looks weird to me.

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Are these from dragon vale?

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I like them. They give quite a How to Train Your Dragon vibe.

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@Rota_Lorem Nope! Made them up myself.
@darkbrick999 Thanks!

@UmarakKetar the cactus one reminded me of this.


I must hug them all

They are so huggable

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Even the Cactus Dragon?

pulls spikes out of arm

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Does the Wildfire Dragon have an afro? :stuck_out_tongue:

Um... No.

Not to rain on your parade but I logged in into my dragon vale account (which I have not played in 3 years) and wanted to know if these are inspired by the dragons of dragon vale.


Uploaded new dragons! I made a lot.

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You did make a lot I see. They all look pretty creative and lively.