Umbra: Master of the Thicket

I’m back!

Here is the flickr album: Umbra - Master of the Thicket | Flickr

No bio for this guy, please subscribe to my channel for more MOCs n’ such, thanks!

P.S. resemblance to Umbra or Umarak is unintentional


:goo: it looks great!

######btw why Umbra? It doesn’t seem to resemble the 06 character.

Its umarak 2.0, I like the green frill thing a lot.

Umbra is one of the parts of a shadow.


Oh, ok thanks for clarifying. Sometimes stuff like this happens, English isn’t my main language :wink:.

i clicked on this expecting the 05 character, on a different note i really like this

Hey this is cool. The legs armoring is really nice.


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i realize my mistake, even though i had bought the set in 05.

How outlandish…