Umbra's secret library

Hi everyone!
I’ve got a special MOC today. This build was a collaboration with @joshuad17.

Joshua is working on his own Ninjago fan season called Realm of Madness and I helped him with designing set concepts for this hypthetical season.

Joshua made all the decals (minifigure designs, bookpage and painting) and drew a concept of how he wanted the set to look.
I built the model based on that concept and made all the renders.

This set is called “Umbra’s secret library” and is supposed to be a 15$ set.

The build of this was based on this intial drawing by Joshua:

I made some changes to fit in some play features.

The model has a hidden door behind the bookcase, which can be flipped over to reveal it.

The angle between the walls can also be adjusted and multipe copies of the set can be connected to create a bigger scene

I hope that I can do a couple more of these set-concepts in the future and I hope you like this one.



love how you did the scrolls.

Thank you!