Un’Jaguk V6 and his matoran form V3

This is the sixth version of Un’Jaguk and the third version of his matoran form. C&C are as always welcome and appreciated.

Edit: Sorry for the scrambled pictures.


Un’Jaguk: So this moc actually seems to be pretty solid and I like it. I would add two more tan shells in the shoulders, and a longer horn in the left, but other than that it is OK. 9,80/10
Matoran form: It seems to be too bulky for a Matoran, but looking at the Toa form, it is OK. 9,80/10


Thanks dude.


The Toa form looks alright, but the legs need some work, especially since the rest of the MOC is bulky.

The Matoran form looks good from the front, but not so much from the back. I do like that torso design though.

Overall these are both pretty good G2 MOCs.

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By far the best versions you’ve ever created, probably the best MOCs. Looking back at your first post, it’s amazing how far you’ve come as a MOCist in so little time. One thing I would suggest is to remove the two silver CCBS shells attached to the back of the Toa form, and covering up the back some other way.

matoran mode looks like a turaga tbh


I like it

It’s fluffing grate.

Very impressed with this guy’s improvement.

I like it. The way you made the broken horn is cool.


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I think part of the reason he’s gotten better is that he has access to lots of pieces that allow for custom torsos whereas I who have been around for about the same amount of time don’t