Un’Jugak V8, Toa Of Metal, and Yevzsinlok, Greatbeast of Xoriezeghia

This is the 8th version of my SelfM.O.C, Un’Jaguk, and after the Battle Of Chrana Magna, he, along with the surviving Toa, were teleported to Xoriezeghia. Once there, they went their separate ways, and Un’Jaguk met Yevzsinlok, a greatbeast. They became good friends, and together they are quite the force to be reckoned with. C&C are as always welcome and appreciated.

Edit: Sorry for scrambled pictures

Edit: I have deleted, retaken, and reuploaded pictures after slightly altering Un’Jaguk. I kept this as V8 because it is now more distinguished from V7, and is better. Thank you @BrokenAxels for your feedback.


The self moc itself hasn’t really improved, those legs still need tremendous changing, the other moc is pretty decent but still has issues.

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Though I do see your point:
Un’Jaguk has changed:

  1. Massive shoulder pads, replacing 2 pairs of them with 1
  2. Weapons can be stored on back
  3. Legs are thicker (please tell me how they need to be changed)

changes=improvement, he’s about the same as the last one.

I’d switch the placement of those thigh pieces to where they face the front, and most definitely change those shoulder pads, the add ons give conflicting textures and it just doesn’t look good.

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Ok thank you

Not too impressed by the character, he seems a little messy with the giant saw blades. He’s not bad, though, just kinda basic.

The beast MOC is actually pretty cool! I love how you did the tail, and everything else works really well!

Nice job!

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you’re welcome for the feedback. I would still prefer you remove those add ons on the shoulder pads, though.

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What I do with feedback is read it, and change what I agree with, making the M.O.C a slightly better M.O.C according to both people. I did not change the shoulder pads because that is a part that I still like, and thus changing that part would make the M.O.C worse in my eyes.

but they add clashing textures, which is generally a bad thing in most peoples eyes.

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Though your feedback is important, I’ll wait to see how many people agree before changing that part.

that’s fine

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Too be honest, I kind of prefer the old one. Monster thing’s cool though. Just a quick side note, would you ever consider getting a better camera?

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I take pictures with my phone, and I don’t really invest in this sort of thing, so sorry, no.

So it’s an android, I presume?

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Which one?

The phone.

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No it’s… I mean I guess it’s an iPod not an iPhone, but I’ll get an iPhone soon because reasons.

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Well that’s good, because then your quality will improve tremendously.

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