Una-Nui, the Island of Rahi

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I wanted to share this somewhere since I thought it was interesting, and a good showcase of the browser program Inkarnate. The site allows you to draw maps for fantasy lands, and it’s rather cool!

To test it out, I made a map of Una-Nui, the island home of my self-MOC Ghar, and I included various landmarks from my story.

The locations each have snippets of info, so here are those, from left to right:

Leech Caves:
A dense network of caverns and catacombs hidden in the western mountains of Una-Nui. These caves housed the four Toa Stones that transformed some Matoran into the heroes of Una-Nui. It also holds a parasitic Rahi, known for controlling the mind and will of its host.

The Forest:
A dense forest, home to Una-Nui’s wildlife. Not many Matoran have ventured deep into this area, and those who have never returned. One could only guess the mysteries it holds.

The Crater:
A mysterious crater that appears to have been made fairly recently. The only detail that is distinct is a large hole, an entrance to a network of caves. Rumors say the caves lead to the center of the volcano.

Kikinalo Fields:
Wide, open grasslands that the Kikinalo beasts migrate to every season. Herds of them can be seen here, but their migration to the opposing village area is a threat to Matoran livelihood.

Turaga Matao’s Hut:
The home of Turaga Matao, the village elder. His guidance is a necessity for the villagers, but he lives secluded from the Matoran. Legends say he was once a Toa from a far off land, but tragedy made him cold and often distrusting.

A large volcano, the only one on Una-Nui. It hasn’t erupted in millennia, but the people of the village fear its potential power for catastrophe. Legends say that the Leviathan, a great sea Rahi created the island from fire and water and lies dormant in the volcano.

The Village:
The home of all Matoran on Una-Nui. It is small and easily in danger, but what the Matoran lack in safety they make up for in extreme loyalty to each other and to the village. They chiefly live off the fish from the nearby ocean, or fruits picked from the edge of the forest.

Ghar’s Perch:
A cliff-face where Ghar often sat to watch his fellow villagers and ponder his true purpose. Only he and Liala are aware of its location.

So that’s about it! Hope you all enjoyed!

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That map.

Teach me your ways.

This very interesting, how’d you plan to use the map?


Oh, the site isn’t really that hard! In fact, I did this with a mouse, not even my drawing pad, so it should be fairly accessible!

Thanks! It’s mostly just a visualization for myself. I’ve had the image of the island for my self-MOC for a while, and this gave me a good way to detail it out and place things.

Also, if I ever get back into writing the story this is a good guide for both me and a reader.


wow thats pretty gorgeous, i may make one for arah-nui

I’m quite impressed.
(Are there any of Keetongu’s species?)

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No, I believe they actually inhabit their own island along with the Tahtorak. Una-Nui is mostly inhabited by Kikinalo, Kavinika, Gucko, and other large, herbivorous Rahi.

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That is a pretty sweet looking, and rather nicely thought-out map.

Also Leech Caves does not sound like the kind of place I want to visit. If anyone wants to visit that local, explain the appeal to me please.


Actually, Leech Caves is not a friendly place. In fact, very few places on Una-Nui are safe. Leech Caves is mostly visited by adventurous, often foolish Matoran, and as with the Forest none have returned.

Except that is for my self-MOC Ghar when he was a Matoran. He retrieved four Toa Stones from the caves. Also, when he and his friends were Toa they traveled into the caves, but their leader was infected by the Leech and went insane.

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