Unamed MOC

This is one of my newest MOCs I have made recently. Now first of I don’t build MOCs as a hobby I just do it whenever I feel like it. I also have a limited supply of parts

But anyway this guy doesn’t have a name yet nor a role, heck I haven’t figured out what he’s supposed to be. I just started building without a plan not really caring what I was doing, I was having fun.
Then this guy was created. I’m rather proud on how it turned out. I probably spent like 2 hours tops making him, a majority of the time was just messing around with what would look good and what didn’t.
Thoughts? Feedback is always appreciated


good to see more pictures of this guy.

I would recommend checking out the Moc tutorials thread, as that will probably help with your mocs. thus guy is decent, but there is very little to comment on

Where’d you get that trans neon orange chest piece?

I like the head

Looks at MOC.

Is immediately distracted by Transformers boxes in the background.

Anyways, this MOC is alright but there isn’t much to comment on. You also might want to cover those balljoints.


It came with an HF 2.0 villain.


well it’s just a little something i slapped together, no real intention on making it look too good
this was just mainly done from out of boredom tbh

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Yeah, it was Jet Bug. He was cool.

Anyways, the moc looks pretty okay. A little bit basic, but not bad. His hand looks weird, though. I would try a custom hand.


as i said this wasn’t intended to be a complicated moc

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I didn’t say it was bad. I actually think it’s pretty good.

I just think the hand looks… not good. At all.

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yeah i do have to agree with you on the hand…

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Dude…Predacons ftw… also, nice MOC…one could say he is a BEAST! (get it…cuz you have Predacon symbol…heh…)

The torso seems pretty alright. I think the legs need some work, though.

Really, 'cause I don’t see this anywhere.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: /s