Undeath's current build.

When he was turned into a Toa undeath was know as Luchendi Toa of plant life. But unlike a Toa of plant life he was cold cruel and sadistic in a silent way. Helryx put him in with the other scientists and Makuta that had joined the order of mata nui. He studied plants and Rahi to a certain consent where he in secrets created a embalmation of plants like Rahi that could move around by borrowing and where highly poisonous. Helryx found out about it and had the creature destroyed immediately. He was not happy about it but kept silent and to himself most of the time did not like socializing with any of them.

Note: updated pictures of the moc will be posted soon. As I’m waiting for parts from Lego.

Note: I plan getting a repainted version of the great mask of undeath and will be his primary.

Unlike the other Toa of kanohi Shatore knew that Luchendi was not a Toa as he would spy on him and he would think that undeath didn’t see him. But in truth he did.