Under Appreciated Video Games

For those games that you really liked as a kid (or still do now), but no one seems to talk about them much.

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I said this once. I’ll say it again.


Spybotix: The Nightfall Incident

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Agori Defense and Glatorian Arena.


Gunbird. Am I the only one who’s heard of that game?

Dust: an Elysian tale
An excellent metroidvania that is genuinely one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever seen, it’s such a shame it wasn’t that popular, as from what I’ve gathered, it was originally going to be a part of a series.


I think this topic already exist.

Azure Striker Gunvolt, by the way.


Ah, darn. I even searched if there was one… oh well.

Also, Gunvolt is really great. I’m hyped for the sequel.

The ones that come to mind for me are (in no particular order):

The original Far Cry (while the voice acting and story was laughably horrible, the gameplay was superb.)
Tribes: Ascend
Metro: 2033 and Metro: Last Light
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
Dark Cloud and Dark Chronicle
And Jersey Devil


Dude tomorrow
I’m getting the physical copy.

I forgot to say in my first post, but Drawn To Life and its sequel. That game had such a great story (I actually only recently found out about it).

Whoa, tomorrow? I thought it came out this Friday.

hype intensifies

FTFY (thats actually how its spelled)
I believe it will get a sequel but the developer (dean dodrill) said that he wanted to wait a while, he’s also been working on an animated film for about a decade based on the same world called “Elysian Tail” with a different protagonist.
Heres a trailer for anyone interested.

Also you guys should put trailers in your posts so that people want to at least watch them, instead of not bothering to google them.

9/29 Thursday, my dude
EDIT: Gunvolt 2 comes out tomorrow, but the physical version that has both 1 and 2 comes out October 4th. Still pretty close, though.

Also I never played the sequel, but I liked DtL as well.

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