Undertale remixes

These are my remixes. for undertale songs. for my AU Truetale.




Truetale teaser

True sans fight

Final Flowey


Looks good, I feel like the characters should be more retro but heart attack is lit

So i looked up “Lit” and apparently it means you think its awesome? also when you said [quote=“LTVmocs, post:2, topic:29763”]
the characters should be more retro

if your talking about something like Final flowey. that is meant to be there. its like photoshop flowey/Omega flowey. instead this is Paint.net flowey/Final flowey

You can make it look a little blocky but that’s probably just me

[quote=“LTVmocs, post:4, topic:29763”]

Dos dat look blocky 2 u?

That actually looks good, put on a flower head and I think it will look great

That wasnt mine. that was In undertale not made by me. this is an AU (Alternate universe)

That first one starts out like some kind of dubstep-accordion lol

Anyway, these are a bit odd, but they’re pretty alright. I still kinda prefer the originals, though.