Ungerade Version3: Wielder of the Strength key

( I know I have a MOC topic but since I no longer MOC as frequently I've decided to stop using the MOC topic for a while. Also there's a certain MOC spotlighting super villain I would like to see this stuck_out_tongue )

Ungerade is my selfmoc. (Ungerade is the German word for odd) This particular version was inspired by @Ekorak 's newest version of his selfmoc Ekorak .

Just standing.

From behind.

He still has the swappable right hand. (This green hand being the Strength Key)

He still ahs the possible power markers. (There where originally 5 hands 2 of them bad 2 of them good 1 of them neutral. When you had one of the bad ones on him you'd flip out the red ones. If you had ooen of the good ones on him you flip out the green. If you put the neutral one on you flip out both)

Posing with the key of power (That name is a WIP)

His two different swords. From left to right: His normal sword and the sword of strength.

With the sword of strength.

With his normal sword.

With both my opened and unopened Pohatu Nuvas
With my G2 Gali revamp


I really like the colors on this guy. They're odd, yet add character to this guy. Also, I like the Ruru on this guy.


I really like this MOC. I think that his arms seem a bit too long, and the lower leg armour just seems a tad odd in terms of layering (how the lime green piece is on top of the white HF armour by his foot). I really love the colour scheme, though, especially how you've distributed it around the MOC. Great job!


Yeah. I do agree the arms look too long but I think it's actually because the torso is to short. I plan on fixing that soon.

Are you talking about the spike? Or the knee cap?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I was talking about the knee cap.

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Ok. It is a bit weird but it's supposed to look like he's wearing heavy armour over his light armour.

White=Light armour.

Lime=Heavy armour.

Knee caps, Rists, Shoulders, Chests and Faces are all pretty delicate and important to protect so they all have heavy- lime- armour. I know it's kind of just a excuse but meh stuck_out_tongue


I really like this, from colors to pieces used.


his armor...those weapons...

I love them

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This is utterly fantastic, and I hope Venom does a spotlight on it!

However, something stood out to me. Those CCBS bones in his upper legs and left arm... Teal?
I want to believe...


nah, they're still baby blue. . .



But thanks for the heads-up.


Just for reference here are both of his past versions:

The crappy one I threw together.

At least it could turn into a weird winged slug I guess...

The last version.


Woah! You've outdone yourself here!

I gotta say, the colorscheme really gets me. I like the torso quite a bit too,

The sword looks cool, but I dare say it's floppy.


Thanks :smile:

Actually it isn't that floppy surprisingly. Unless you're waving it around fairly hard. (I think I just got lucky and used strong clips though)

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