Ungerade Wielder of the Key of Strength (Version 4!)

Here is Ungerade in his most basic form.

The biggest update is his accessories, they can be split into three groups.


Hand held weapons

Weapons that attach to his right wrist.

Gauntlet #1

Gauntlet #2

It can fold out into a mini control panel complete with a light, computer screens and a big red button.

Which allows for some cool poses.

He still has his sword

He now has a little shovel two.

The two tools can combine to make a:


I forgot to mention this in version 3 but he has flip out shoulder guns. (Which in story would be able to become automated when he needs cover fire while checking his wrist terminal)

They look pretty cool posed with his cordak blaster

I really like how he looks with his drill.

General update:

I plan on updating this figure and adding more features to him until he becomes on awesome Swiss army knife (That's what they're called right? ) of a SelfMOC!


no kidding....


Even though you didn't upgrade much, the upgrades you did give him are great! I really like the selection of weapons you gave him which all look great.

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he's like Jemoph...

...are our self mocs related?

Who is dat?

my self moc, or atleast the titan self moc



Titan sized

Black and silver

Has a Pakari

Has a big colorful sword


Normal sized

Lime green, azure and white

Has a Ruru

Has big colorful sword

I see one similarity which ones am I missing (I feel stupid stuck_out_tongue )

we both have a payload of weapons


Oh ok smile

Coolio! Hahahaha, smile , sorry I just had to


That drill

I need that drill.


I like the updates,

now that his arms are longer, you should stretch out the rest of him, he's looking a bit gorilla armed.

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Nice upgrade! Though I think that his torso (and possibly his legs, but the torso is my main concern) is too short and thin for him.

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It's always nice to see what creative, little gimmick you'll give your self-MOC next, and these don't disappoint stuck_out_tongue

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So update time smile
I extended his torso by a stud and bulked up his upper torso

Which allows for some more flip out blasters smile

His legs have been changed

To incorporate anuther new feature

He now has flip out boot/stilts smile
(The feet can be positioned closer to the armour to make a more solid look but I was to stupid to reposition them while taking pictures)


he can pierce the heavens


I feel like I should probably understand this reference stuck_out_tongue

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It's a Gurren Lagaan reference, IIRC.


I want to see this guy covered in flip out blasters.


this way he can just be standing there and then have a few dozen cannons flip out.

It'd be great.


Trust me, if my plans go well he will