Unidentified Extraterrestrial (small)

A busy, loud city is stable…

Until everyone panics when the extraterrestrial attacks…

Other pictures

That is it no one knew what happened next as the extraterrestrial still roams the lands…

Hoped You Enjoyed!


Pretty nice story and MOC.

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Thanks my biggest inspiration for this MOC is probably Godzilla if can’t tell by the tiny city and giant monster :smiley:

Click? Is that you? Have you been working out?

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Cool MOC! I like the head.

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A cute little MOC, I like the design.

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I like it a how to would be nice

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Jeeze man, if that’s small compared to the city, I’d hate to see a big one! I totally get the Godzilla reference and a bit of the crab kaiju from Pacific rim. The head design is really nice. Good job :+1:

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@Sealman133 it will be up soon

@Payinku to look at now I see the similarities

@Stoax thanks

@Zekester Thanks too

@Boxxer maybe I should make the big one…
And thanks