Unit Five-Oh: "To Protect and Serve"

This gargantuan police robot was built for the purpose of riot/crowd control, heavy assault, and general intimidation. His twin rotary cannons are way more firepower than a police unit would normally need. But their presence alone is enough to deter most threats, and so Five-Oh has only ever had to fire them a handful of times.


So...it won't serve me dinner? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, Looks pretty darn awesome. Using the Bulk armor as a head is genius


Um I like this thing a lot, I do have a few minor complaints but that is it.

It appears a little messy in some areas.
the head doesn't work for me.
I love the way the overall thing looks.
I also love how you attack the 2007 gun things onto the arms.
I also like the hands.
Overall pretty groovy MOC man.

I knew the head would be the most polarizing thing about this guy. I actually have an alternate head mounted on him right now, and I'll probably post a couple pics with that tomorrow. I went with this head because I wanted something large and striking to look at. But those kind of bold design choices always lend themselves to criticism, which I totally understand. It definitely looks a bit long-necked.

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This is a pretty sweet moc man you did a really good job of making a bulky Titan moc so props to you

Cluttered, but cool. Nice.

Me: He's too cluttered!

Unit Five-Oh:

Me: ;-;

This MOC is really sorta jumbled, and doesn't flow very well, but I like the head.

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Those legs are fantastic, and the MOC as a whole is great.

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This is really well put together.

Was this made in Hawaii?

@Whaddon Umm, no. Why? Does it give off an "aloha" kind of vibe? lol.

@PekekoaOfJungle Thanks for the feedback. This guy definitely has a lot going on in terms of the parts/pieces variety.

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Oh, you're right haha! That's definitely where the slang term Five-Oh comes from.

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