Uniters of fire, stone and jungle

These are Mocs I made of one possible type of look for the 2016 toa.

Tahu Uniter of Fire

Pohatu Uniter of Stone

Lewa Uniter of Jungle


It kind of seems like the Toa Okoto with New Weapons and armor addons...


They'll be getting new masks in the book their masks are broken however these are some cool MOCs

Inserted proper spoiler tag. -legomaster

You might wanna drop by this topic sometime.


Agreed. They're cool but I think they are a little too.....



You're right. It was on purpose. I didn't even change their basic bone structure.

@VictorianPanda Yeah I know, I tried the best I could by giving them the trans ones

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Good job, but they look like the spooky scary skellies.

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Interesting! I like how these turned out. Good proof of concept for what we might get next year.

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sppoopoy spopy speletons

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Lol. Maybe I can justify that by saying they took the skullies gear when they were defeated.


t's time for a quick KARP/10 review. (K.A.R.P. Kool, And, Rad, Playa!)

Is it Kool And Rad? Yes. Good work Playa!

I give it a U-U-UpGraaade/10

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Guys guys! It's the bionicle 2016 sets! But all jokes aside great Mocs! The way you made them to go with the masks is genius! I give them a 9/10 cause it's Tahu 😑 and as we have all heard on the podcast he is over used.


Lewa looks pretty Fantasti-cool™.


This MOC looks really good, I really like the use of the Skull villains armour on the lower legs.

There's not much that I have to say about this. Its good and that's about it.

While this looks a bit bulky for Lewa, it is amazing. I love the use of the gunmetal colour pieces.


thanks guys!

@Oniwah thanks, yeah I thought a sort of gorilla type lewa would be cool

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These look very interesting, especially Tahu. I like the way you configured the translucent bits as it almost makes him look like he has literally become one with his element of fire. The Mad Max/Wastelander vibe I got out of G2 Pohatu is still there, which is quite nice. I do feel that Lewa is a tad bit bulky, as I always imagined him to be somewhat more limber and aerodynamic.


I hope that the 2016 toa aren't like this because they would just be a re-skin of the 2015 toa.

they arent really supposed to be actual predictions for 2016 toa. just possible themes

I really like the skull-villain weapons used on this MOC. Scorpio's legs on Lewa's axes look quite nice. They are pretty much rehashes of the original toa though, so 6/10.

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Thanks! And also, I know it makes them a bit more boring, but the rehash part is intentional

I don't like Pohatu, but I love how the other two look! thumbsup

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