Unity Day!

Marking the first of the three day countdown until the official reveal of you-know-what, I present the image for Unity Day, as represented by an image of MNOG-Style Matoran(Using the Matoran Maker, as found on BZP) of all those in the community who submitted a Matoran for use in this image.

Now, in one TTV Video, the On Air trailer, I drew connections of 1 Virtue to Two Cast members of the main six. No real reason why, just for the lolz. But here, I felt the need to reference it.

So all Hail Unity, and sing songs of praise, revere @Mesonak and @Viper as those who represent this virtue 8D

And finally: Enjoy


One day, we should make a huge image of literally everyone on the forum as Matoran.


Yes! This needs to happen! We could also put our names under and it could be the sites member list! Great, now I’m excited. :stuck_out_tongue:


You should feel Special, Rise. I gave you a cool place next to the Unity Text.

It totally was because you’re cool, and has nothing to do at all with fitting in @Leoxandar last minute. XD

I am a special snow flake.
Actually I should make a topic for everyone’s Matoran selves

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Making their appearance from the TTV forums…The Unity-Matoran!!!

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i fel specal cuz im in pic
not really
but this is cool

:’( >snif<

EDIT: Nevermind, I’m blind as a bat :stuck_out_tongue:

I included you, though.

Silver Body/arms and Kualsi, and then Dark Red feet…

(I did manage to screw up eye color, though)

That’s me?! OH! Thx very much!
Sorry, I thought it was someone else at first :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, eyes are fine, bro :wink:

EDIT: Dude, I’m going to make that my cover photo on here

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XD It’s because I’m just so simple isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue: (that tongue-smiley is ugly).

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It was more of “I had 20 minutes before I had to leave for school, saw the request, so I did it, even though I had finished formatting the night before, and didn’t wanna find a new shape”

I would’ve made it regardless of how easy or hard.

Also, I had to make another random individual to keep the shape even, and the symmetry going, so you’e next to my interpretation of Viper.

Alas, I could’ve made Meso too, the Hau version, but eh.

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Eh is right :stuck_out_tongue: (that emote is still ugly). Thanks anyhow.

Unity Duty Destiny!

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This is awesome man! It feels like it is really starting to happen again… BIONICLE is going to come back after 4 years. We have all held onto BIONICLE for that time not giving up on it, and now it’s back.
I’m glad I found TTV and made friends with you guys. You guys are the best!


This just makes me feel so good about our community. I did have an idea for Duty Day (hehe…) I’m going to be doing a community service thing, which is actually by coincidence, but it works right? I was thinking we could all post pictures of us doing our duty, be it our jobs, or helping those in need. I’ll also put this in the countdown thread.

Aside from that, I love the picture!


Dangit my Mac can’t use the Matoran Maker… ~Pyrox


That’s a fantastic idea, and I would love to take part in its implementation. ^^

@Pyrox yeah, uh, if you were here yesterday, you could’ve just given me the general idea of what you wanted, and then Myself, Jakura, or Rise would’ve done it for you. >.>

However, ATM, Jakura can still make it, but it won’t be in the Unity Day Image, as it’s already published. For the future “All Users” Image though, we could use it well.

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I’ll make one for you, if you wish.

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Thanks for making my Matoran! Red, white and blue is where it’s at. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I think the hashtag next to the Matoran letters is kind of funny. (Though I get why you put it there.)