Unknown - Creature of the Shadow Realm (leftover parts from Makuta JtO model)

This MOC is made out of parts that were left over from the Makuta JtO combo model. It was a real challenge with the parts available, which were a lot, but most of the useful parts are in Makuta.

Chained to Makuta

Extra cannon mode.

Top part is interchangable with a cannon.

Better look at the chaining.

I am not a real MOC’er, this is the best I could do this with the limited parts. As I said earlier it was a real challenge. I am not that satisfied with the head, but I am proud of the body build :sweat_smile:.

Feel free to suggest a name.


Wow, this a great combiner to go Makuta. Sure the colorscheme is not great, but that can be excused because this is made from official set parts only. I love how menacing and armored up he looks. I appreciate the cannons as well.

Overall, this is a great MOC I would definitely consider building along with Makuta if I got the extra sets to do so. He makes the deal complete.

Looks really scary! It’s pretty good.

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The head is a thing of wonder…

Is that a positive thing? :sweat_smile:

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Looks pretty good, for an essential combine moc.