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Name: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Gender: Unknown

Affiliations: Unknown

Alignment: Unknown

Special Abilities: Unknown

Fighting Style: Unknown

Language: Unknown

Tomato/Tomato: Unknown

Weaknesses: UNKNOWN




Fantastic work.
The plentiful angled armor is great, and the color scheme is simple and effective.
Well done!

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So symmetric… Where’s the cape from? Vezon?

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Chi Fangar:

And thank you @meepinater

The primary purpose of this guy was to test out the double-knee joint you see there. I really like the poseability, so we’ll see more of that in the future.

The axe head is 3D printed from Shapeways.


This guy looks sick, and just overall looks very wraith-like. My two bits of constructive criticism though would be 1) the crotch armor just out a little, and is kinda awkward looking, and 2) the mask choice looks very rounded and smooth compared to the sharp angles on the moc. If it were swapped with a more angular mask, like the miru or kakama. Either way, this looks awesome.

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Thanks! Either of those masks probably would look cool. Unfortunately I don’t have either of them in white. The crotch does jut out. I’m not a fan of that aspect either.

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Nice! I like the skeletal look.

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Rating: Unknown

Nah, I like him a lot! The colors look nice, the weapon is cool, he almost has a skeleton-like appearance with the colors and the piece choice.

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I really dunno about this guy… :wink:


Cool kind of ghost like

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Chronicler’s Opinion: UNKNOWN


Oh wow, and that picture works as a great avatar as well.


That’s some spooky stuff :wink:

The colour distribution is nice. I really like the construction of the legs - double knee, angled part and ninja toes all come together in a really organic way. And the (deliberate?) choice not to use any post-CCBS parts (apart from the cape) really helps give him that skeleton-ish feel. I do wonder if he’d look better with white hands.


Great feedback, thanks! I will swap some white hands and we’ll see how it looks.

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Fantastic work as always here; the black and white make for a striking color scheme and the build gives it that nice spooky vibe. If I had one complaint, it’d be that the mask doesn’t quite match the aesthetic to me, but of course you’re only going to have so many white masks available so I get that this is probably your best/favorite choice.

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I’m starting to realize that this moc is deceptively simple

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The same can be said for the rest of his MoCs.


And @SonicBionicleMaster indeed, simple builds are the name of my game.