Unnamed bionicle 2015 moc

I'm not sure. I just combined gali and kopaka 2015 into one figure.

And the star of this moc; the gigantic compensating for something sword that puts massive anime swords to shame.

Before anyone asks in the comments; no. She can barely hold it up and it'll drop with no force. I designed the entire moc just to have a massive unweildy sword that can't be held. I guess you could consider this a joke moc. Not even my Mocs without gear functions can hold it.


So, pretty much Gali with a couple white parts.

The sword is pretty funny. It's huge. :laughing:


Now I must make a MOC with a giant sword. but have it be able to wield it. I'll Add it to my to do list.

Yeah. If I wasn't limited for parts and if I had more Ccbs and pre 2009 bionicle parts she probably could hold it.

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The trans-blue and white on the lower arms go together pretty well.

I recommend getting a uniform background that's a bit less distracting. As a general rule, having a monochromatic backdrop (white, grey, etc.) makes your photography look much more professional.

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Is that DrScorpionX's Lehatu I see there? :wink:

....I'm sorry, but it just looks like gali with white bits sticking out of her. Waaaaait a sec.... ooooh god, what have you done? I cant unsee this as being... well... K bye!

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Yes it is. This is kinda just filler until the final combo comes out.

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It sorta looks like gali with some sort of power armor and cloud's dream
Could use a bit more white though

I got to admit this looks pretty good, even though it looks a Gali with white parts.
Really like the weapon though.