Unnamed construction mech.

I was playing new Gundam breaker while I was bored and ended up mixing a guntank and a mobile worker; surprisingly it’s a fun build to play for its odd design. Due to budget I couldn’t buy Gunpla to build so I used legos.
My design behind this is kinda a normal construction mech from the future modified for combat.

I even worked in the wonky way the giant claw holds weapons in game.

The mech open.


Nice mech!

I really don’t like the wheel placement. It certainly isn’t giving off any mobile worker vibes. Looks like you just slammed the top part of a mech onto a car.

Yeah; the bottom didn’t turn out as well as planned.[quote=“Zero, post:3, topic:47047”]
slammed the top part of a mech onto a car
Well that’s a guntank for you.