Unnamed female M.O.C

I am willing to name this M.O.C and give it a back story from anyone who wishes to name it and right it a back story. For now it remains an unnamed female M.O.C, who carries two small blue and silver swords she uses for light combat. I originally started just making it out for fun but then I started making it based on this photo-shopped picture of a Macaw i found.


Since the macaw is the first picture on this post, it’s showing that as the thumbnail and not the image of the MOC itself.

As for the build, I think it looks great, though with some flaws. The chest armour sits too high and I think she would look much more unique with something a bit more complex there. The modified plates at the top of the legs break up the colour scheme and you may be better off looking at some 1x2x1/3 slopes (or inverted ones) to help contour the area.

The head design is cool but the front looks fairly lifeless. If you changed the colour of the socket piece to a brighter colour or even a transparent orange one then you’d have a coloured ring around the “eye”.The boots and tailcoats are great, as is the colour blocking in most places.

Overall a visually interesting character with a clearly inspired colour scheme and some interesting costume elements, but looks a little rushed when you take a closer look.


Thank you I’ll take these into consideration while improving it, I didn’t even think to change the socket piece for the head.


While I do love the color scheme I gotta say this moc is just a bit too simple to really show it off.

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