Unnamed female moc

Honestly this was just built to model the multi tool weapon.

My idea was kinda an armored girl where only her hair is visible on the back of the helmet.

As for the pickaxe it can be taken apart and rebuilt into multiple weapons.

If she’s disarmed the tail can be used as a weapon as well


Not bad. Hair and female torso’s are pain to get right. If you want to try a braid, a G2 head with a hordika neck gives you a ball joint on the back of the head, which you can the add the several of the shortest bones to make a braid.

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Did you paint the mask? Or do I just feel it’s black?

Actually, It’s green. It’s from Defilak.

I don’t remember the Ben Ten upper legs released in dark green

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their not. Not that i can tell anyway.

Normal black like the chest. Still need to set up a good photo space.

It’s better than my lightbox. By the way, I do like the multipurpose weapon.