Unnamed Gold Rahi

A very basic MOC that I tried recently, mostly to get back into the idea of MOC'ing. Unfortunately my Camera decided to self-destruct shortly before so please ignore the image quality, it will hopefully be fixed by the next MOC.


that head tho eyes

But in all seriousness, this is a pretty cool MOC. I'm not a big fan of the red claws on the back though; they'd be better in lime to go with the rest of it.


Call it a Kruha Nui maybe?
Kruha is suppose to be 'beast' in Maltese according to google translate. Also -Nui cause that gold armour is gold.

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Sadly their wasn't a lime release of that part, which is unfortunate. Though you are correct, would probably match the colour scheme better in lime

Edit; some members have informed me their was a lime and after searching Gresh does indeed have a similar but not exact coloured piece to the spine segment.

Interesting, might go with that :3

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This is a pretty awesome MoC, and in the third image the head looks like the head in your original profile pic.
And I have to agree with @Political_Slime, I think it would look better in lime green. And what do you mean they were never released in lime? Gresh has 4 of them in his set.

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My mistake, for some reason brickset lied to me wink Its weird, seeing as I remember getting Gresh but still haven't found those parts after hours of searching o.o

As for the face, can kind of see the resemblance, especially in the third pic, however still working on how to make it for my actual self-MOC

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I love Rahi MOC's and this is one of my favourites. Personally I really like the red spikes, it gives a nice contrast.

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But yeah, the head does kinda look like you...

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There were lime green ones though. They were in the Gresh set

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A bit basic, but it's a very good start and with modifications, could turn into something really great.

I'm not a fan of bipedal/humanoid beasts (just personal preference). This guy has a great color scheme though.

My intention was for a Quadruped being that rears up on its hind legs when threatened, kind of like a bear. It has the ability to walk on two legs however is more adapted to four, using its front legs to dig and claw things.

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In that case you may want to beef up the lower legs. It may just be a matter of personal preference, but anytime a generic humanoid build is called a "beast", it irks me (some of the HF Invasion From Below sets bothered me because of that).

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