Unnamed Mecha (Bomber)

So I built this along with the other Mecha:

This one is a bomber jet:

From behind.

With the other jets.
It transforms into robot mode:

The wings act as arm mounted blades.

From behind.

With the other Mecha.

Now for the reason I built this thing:
It’s time for “SUPER MODE”


Super mode adds 4 studs worth of height, and some extra bulk.

The wing blades are carried over to the super mode.

From behind.


They look great!
I like the combination feature, but the ships by themselves look cool as well! which is really hard to do!

My only worry is that the arms on the big mech might come off easily at the elbows.

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Looks cool. Interesting how even after combining it’s still so tiny!

Say, I hate to be that person, but this is the second time I’ve seen you use ‘Unamed’. Have you tried Unnamed?


Actually they don’t really fall out at all.


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It’s ‘Unamed’ but spelled with double ‘N’.

Huh, I didn’t realise I was misspelling it, RIP

I like the look the arm mounted blades give when it’s in robot. The design when all three are combined looks great, too.

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seriosuly, mate, send me some images of how these things combine :wink:

anyways, obligatory Super Robot transformation sequence endings.




###Grand Triple Combination!!

#Great Gunsavaaaaa!

you’re giving me way too many opportunities to geek the hell out, mate.

anyways, really feels like somehting from the Brave Series.

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