Unnamed Mini technic transformer

I got bored so I made this

Bottom of the tank

Tank Gerwalk / guardian mode

His complete bohrak va looking robot mode


He’s so cute!

i like it, it reminds me of southern crosss

A simple, but really neat-looking transformer here.
Nice work.

The tank treads are really clever…

Pretty neat, I like the tank and guardian modes.

‘‘I’m both the cutest and last thing you’ll see.’’


Thanks. I wish I could remember where but I might have seen it before on a moc.

I like it! It’s cute!

Cute, and neat.
I like it.

This build is amazing sight of engineering.
I like it.

I love how boxy and compact the tank looks. The Bohrok Va mode is meh, but the fact that something this small can transform, I have to give props for that :+1:

He’s adorable! Also, I love his alt mode!

Say that’s pretty neat.

improved bohrak va
it still has limited movement, but ok

Eat your heart out, Brawl.

Looks like a Borohk Va cosplaying as Brawl from the Transformer live action movies.