Unnamed Skeletal Guy

Look at that, Miney actually worked up enough energy to take pictures of a single MOC…
Anyways. I have no name for this guy and no story. I saw a wendigo MOC on the internet and thought “I wanna build something like that” but then realized I don’t like building heads. The natural next choice was to just slap a skull mask on it and add antlers.

The ribcage was inspired by another MOC I saw on the boards that I’d link if I could remember what it was. That MOC used the Onua claws as the ribs and I thought it looked so good that I “borrowed” it. The HF torso was my idea, though.

His feet are very unstable and I’m shocked I even managed to get him to stand up on such uneven ground in the pictures. Even the slight shaking of the door on my Bionicle cabinet threatens to knock him over.

That’s all I have for now, more MOCs maybe soon.


this reminds me of my uncle before he got arrested for taping coat hangers to his head and running around walmart on his tiptoes making deer noises

or just shouting the word deer; the news tried to avoid the subject

uhh I mean nice moc, I really like the aesthetic although the feet are a little disappointing


Ooh, very cryptid.


The posing in the first image reminds me of Scourge from RoTB, especially with the clawed hands. I really like the head and torso, since that ribcage is very good. I didn’t realize it uses Onua claws for a while!


Nice. The chest design reminds me of the phantoka makuta


Don’t mock my hobbies :pensive:

I did have the idea of ordering a Phantoka Makuta torso for this but decided against it. Glad you liked it!