(Unnamed) the hunter

As you can see from the title this creation doesn’t currently have a name. All I know is it’s supposed to be the main antagonist of my, very unplanned and small, “story”.
Really this MOC only happened cause I wanted to build a bike, so lets get into it.


Yes it is very E D G Y.

But who cares it looks cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it scales nicely with the rider.

The rider is nothing particularly amazing, but it’s a lot better than the original version…

From behind CCBS’s biggest fault reveals itself.

I really like how sharp and, ahem, E D G Y this thing is.

This has to do with story stuff, I wont bore you all with it.

As you can see there’s two flaming exhaust. The shadow traps are meant to emulate the bags some motorcycles have on either side of the rear wheel.

They can be released.

To either trap pursuers, or just anyone who stumbles upon them.

This is the first time I’ve built a constraction motorcycle, so I’m pretty happy with the results.


what a CREATIVE hunter!


I like the skull head on the cycle. Nice job.

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The rider is nothing spectacular, but that bike is superb; such a nice usage of the skull mask and Shadow Traps.


This looks sweet dude, nice work :+1:

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Cool bike and rider
I think you should give the bike some red highlights to make the Atlantis wheel fit in more.


So this is how Ekimu picked up the ladies in his college years…


The build of this guy is done pretty well, same with the shaping and such. I really like the bike as well, it looks awesome and is really solid for something using CCBS pieces.

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Ekimu must’ve tried picking up babes again but seriously looks gorgeous