(Unofficial) Alternate Character Sheet

Made this just before Makutafest, and then forgot about it.

LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8x5q1m0qbrsN2xQb0xJR0szNDA/view?usp=sharing

No offense to TakumaNuva at all, but I just wanted a character sheet that looked a bit cleaner than the one provided, and I took the liberty of moving some stuff around just for personal preference. (If you’ve got large handwriting, this might not be for you since some of the boxes are a bit tight even to my admittance.) If you’re planning on using this for a longer Campaign, I would suggest re-filling the sheet out between sessions if you feel the need, just to keep things organized. I put this together with the intention of it being printed an filled out later. Feel free to rip into this and criticize, I promise I won’t cry.


This is great, thanks.

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I never provided one to begin with so I’m not sure what I could possibly be offended by…

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I thought there was a google Doc you made? Or maybe that was someone else. .-.

That was Paradox

Wait, what game is this for, and where can I get it?

It’s TakumaNuva’s Pen/paper Bionicle RPG. You can find it here: Lost Chronicles -- A Tabletop RPG Homebrew

Why is there a picture of what appears to be a Pokemon trainer in the “appearance” box when I open it in a document viewer?

I hope this is allowed, but I have made a form-fillable version- https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7zDxjIPO8qnX1k0WnJuRXcyUWM

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Oh lol, that’s weird, It was in the photoshop file, but I didn’t think the PDF would store it.

That’s awesome :thumbsup: