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I don’t. I judge it for having a bad story. NinjaGo doesn’t have as in-depth a lore or backstory as BIONICLE and its great. It’s fleshed out, but it’s not near as expansive as BIONICLE. HF didn’t need to have as in-depth a lore as BIONICLE, it just needed one. Concepts are great and all, but if you don’t have anything beyond that to make your story interesting, you’ve got a problem. I’ve since watched most of the series (which yes, I count it as a series, even if it’s not a traditional one) and don’t have much of a grasp on the characters or why much of anything is happening. Maybe the books did it better, but I don’t know.

It seemed like it was just a series of 22 minute long commercials for toys to buy, which is the worst thing you can say about a LEGO show or any TV show based on a toyline. NinjaGo doesn’t feel like that. BIONICLE G1 didn’t (it had movies, but still, same thing essentially).

I’ve never judged HF for being a replacement for BIONICLE. It is its own thing, and should be judged by its own merits. And there are very little merits by which to give it praise, IMO. Some cool toys, good building system, but modern toylines obviously need more than just that to survive. Very few can be a Barbie type evergreen theme that doesn’t need much of a story, which is why in the past 20 years or so, LEGO has been pushing story themes.

Unlike Exo Force or Atlantis, which were more sandbox themes with vague premises and some story, Hero Factory was given a similar treatment as the other story themes like NinjaGo or Chima or Nexo Knights. This is really where I judge the line as a theme. Not as a replacement to BIONICLE, but as one of LEGO’s many story themes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do very well in that department, and that’s the reason I don’t like it

This was really what I was trying to get at with my earlier post. Not “the lore isn’t as complex so it isn’t as good” but “um… what story?”.


Weather you consider comaercials or not, at least they were well-done commercials. I personally don’t care. A TV show can be made purley to advertise sets and I can still enjoy it as long as it’s well done and has a decent amout of effort put into it. Seriously, did you know Mark Hamil was the voice actor for Von Nebula?
And I personally enjoy Hero Factory’s story a lot more than G2’s story any day.

For me it was just the very wasted potential, on a worse scale than G2 even.

At least in G2 there was groundwork for the future. Things we deepening and picking up towards the end of the second year. It just didn’t have time to develop.

Hero Factory, on the other hand, went on for what, 4-5 years? It had a really nice premise (that tied extremely well into the buildable figures theme), and there were a few interesting plot threads, but nothing was ever well explored. Everything moved too quickly for it to really get into the meat of things.

For what it was worth, the first television series was really good, though maybe a little light on world building (we got names of certain cities and places and such, but nothing substantial enough for me to say I’m familiar with even a place like Makuhero City). But it’s still very enjoyable and laid the groundwork for an expanding galaxy.

Things escalated from there a bit, Trial by Fire felt more like a quick exposition to account for the new building system than anything else, but Savage Planet and Breakout were definitely the highlights of the series. Estranged HF employees, mysterious energy sources, a secret plot to overtake the HF from within, a secret Hero Recon Team, all very cool stuff to deviate from the status quo.

But everything afterward felt like a waste. Brain Attack had a secret villain orchestrating everything. Did we ever find out who that was or why he was doing it? Never. And then Invasion from Below might as well not exist. There is no story or personality to anything there. And to make matters worse, the characters and world from Breakout onward completely dropped all sense of continuity.

There was no Stormer/Furno rivalry or any furthering of their mentor/student relationship, Furno suddenly came into his own as a member of Alpha Squad after a point, Surge’s supposed “flaw” was never explored in the slightest, Nex and Evo might as well have been interchangeable (they even changed Nex’s entire personality between arcs), no tension because Hero Core depletion was dropped after Trial by Fire.

It’s all such a shame really, because you can sort of tell they had much deeper things planned for the line. I myself can’t help but imagine the story might have lead to something like Mr. Makuro dies or is killed and the Hero Factory gets overtaken and maybe becomes a “Villain Factory”. Imagine a post-apocalyptic HF where only Alpha Team and a few scattered Heroes remain to have to fight off waves of mass-produced villains, all while their Hero Cores are slowly depleting without a Quaza Chamber to recharge them. What if some of the Heroes we came to know and love were killed off because their cores died, or some had to resort to crazy measures to keep themselves up? What if some Heroes had gone rogue in the collapse, pushing the status quo of the series of a clear divide between good and bad.

All amazing stuff. It’s a shame the original vision never came to be, and it’s also kind of a shame the line we did get never had the chance to go anywhere.


So yeah, it’s not like the line was bad or anything, but it was a wasted potential. The line was pretty successful, and the reason it ended in 2014 was so it can make place for Bionicle G2. So if given more time, it could have turned into something like what you said. That is why I personally think a reboot of the theme could work if executed well.

On the contrary. You’ve missed the meaning in my post.

All TV shows based on toylines are inherently just long commercials. That’s why they exist, to sell more toys, and they use story as an incentive to sell more toys. Good toy shows will have you forget you’re really watching a commercial for a product and get you wrapped up in the story. NinjaGo does this well. Transformers: Prime is a great example.

Because of the lack of a good story in Hero Factory, the show never rose above feeling like a long commercial. I never connected with the characters, and the way they were presented, a sticker with "Furno, available for $9.99 at your local toy store, motor bike sold separately might as well have popped up during the episodes. You can get big VO talents like Mark Hamill and Tom Kenny to be in your show, but they can’t elevate it any if the scripts aren’t up to snuff.

That’s the unpopular opinion of the month right there, lol. HF lived and died by it’s own merits, but G2 had a name to live up to and didn’t. IMO, more wasted potential there than with HF.

And I can’t believe I’m defending G2’s official story (I’ll defend Reiterated all the live long day, but I wonder why, lol) but here we go.

G2’s story was bad, there’s no doubt about that. The characters weren’t defined well, the story was rushed, and the ending was nonsensical. However… it got an ending. There is some form of closure and enough there that we can pick up the pieces and fix it. While the characters aren’t well defined, we know some about them just based on the fact that we can compare them to their G1 counterparts. Pohatu maybe has the most recognizable personality because he was changed so much from his original incarnation.

Does HF have that? I don’t think so. I’ll take a bad story with vague characters and a terrible ending over a story that goes nowhere, has several cliff hangers unresolved, and no definable characters after a certain point. Obviously you can prefer whichever you want, but for me? No brainer.


Sure, that’s a valid point, but I’d argue that, at the least, G2 attempted to make use of the story elements that were present.

G2 was a thing that was done poorly. Hero Factory was a thing that never really was. Yes, one had greater expectations, but it wasted less of its own material than the other that used next to none of it.


So I found this video but I doubt that this is why The Constraction line failed.

Hot Wheels Acceleracers was another good example. So good that when the show aired on Toonami and YTV the shows opening credits had no mention of Hot Wheels at all (going as far to just call the show “Acceleracers” rather than Hot Wheels Acceleracers like the dvd releases) simply because the show was that stand alone from the toys they were based on.

Hero Factory felt like a rather lame toy commercial. I like the toys and the animation quality (done by the same studio that did The Legend Reborn and for better or worse Foodfight!) but any of the interesting plot threads they could have had (depleted hero cores, a Villain Factory that was inferred in Breakout) were dropped as soon as they were mention which just makes the whole thing lazy.


It’s made by a guy from outside the Bionicle community that has no connection with Constraction whatsoever, so he doesn’t know the true reason.

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Man Bringing up Acceleracers just gave me such a powerful nostalgia trip I may have to dig up the DVD’s from when I was a kid. Thanks for that. :stuck_out_tongue:


My pleasure

Truer words have never been spoken, I only watched a few episodes and found myself asking so many basic questions about the world and characters that never got answered at all to my knowledge.


Dark orange is one of the best colors to use for building bionicle mocs, even better than teal, dark purple, and old purple.


Can you give an example, I can’t remember any sets using dark orange.

2008 is my favorite Bionicle year.

Are you referring to burnt orange from Pohatu Master?

03 Huki and G2 Pohatu


Ok fair enough, burnt orange is quite a good colour.


There are eight bionicle sets that use dark orange, Huki, Hewkii '03, Pewku, Gukko bird, Pohatu Master of Stone, Pohatu Uniter of Stone, Creature of Stone, and Protector of Stone. It’s funny because even though there are only a few dark orange parts, they are all very practical. Ribbed hose, bohrok eyes, the superheroes chest, the ball socket and the 1x2 and 1x3 half liftarms all come in dark orange. Later this year, clayface in the new batcave even has the clone trooper shoulderpad in dark orange. It’s a really solid color.


I don’t have an unpopular opinion about lego

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