Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

Thought i’d breathe new life into the “Unpopular Opinion”, but in a way as to eliminate all of the political discussions by keeping this strictly about Bionicle and Hero Factory.



I’ll start:
I hate the Hau Nuva.
I dislike the Pakari Nuva.
I like the Hau Mistika
I hate Axonn’s mask.
I like the Toa Hordika.
I think love is cannon Hwekii X Macku FOREVER! I know @Gray_Hewks is with me!
I dislike the original bionicle movies’s animation
I liked TLR’s and the first 3 or so Hero Factory Special’s animations
(Mainly because they were set accurate, unlike the old movies.)
I really liked Hero Factory 1.0’s villains. especially their sets.
I actually liked Drilldozer (it’s how I got my only drill piece.)

Well, those are the unpopular opinions I have (That I can think of)
Throw some on down in the comments, if ya feel like it.


XT4 is a good set.


Edit: NEEEEVERMIND! As @Sammythekat correctly reminded me, that topic got closed! This one is perfectly fine, just keep it to Bionicle. I’ll move it to that catagory. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you!


Voltix was a good set.

Gali mistika had a good mask (just not fitting for gali).

I didn’t like the Mask of Light (the movie).


Other than these, I agree.


I liked the Agori

Takanuva Stars was okay

Tahu Stars, while not great, was a neat mini version of the character

Excuse me while I get my flame shield

pulls up shield

I thought Breakout was better than Web of Shadows


Well, they ARE my opinion.

I don’t particularly like the extra little crests on it.

As for Axonn’s mask, it feels too round and chubby.


It looks better on bigger stuff, IMO.

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-Stone sets get so much unwarranted hate.
-The Toa Nuva are not really that special to me.
-The Gold skinned being is the dumbest part of gen 1
-Keetorange is a good color.

  • I think Bara Magna should get At least a cameo in G2.
  • I liked the Hordika concept (Half man - Half beast), i think it should be implemented sometime in a near future
  • 2009 > 2008.
  • I’d like more system-based sets for Bionicle.
  • IF They’re coming back. I hope HF gets a more mature spin.
  • I like the idea of a G1 and G2 mashup.

I somehow dislike the Pakari Nuva too


I agree with all of those opinions, except I like Axon’s mask, I have no opinion on the Toa Hordika as I don’t have them, and I like the animation in both the original and newer bionicle stuff, and hero factory.

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That’s not Bionicle or Hero Factory related. Since you argued to have this topic stay so long as it stays within the confines of those two subjects, you may want to consider following that guideline.

My unpopular opinions:

  • I think 2006 is highly over-rated.
  • I think 2007 is better than 2006.
  • I think the Piraka were lame villains.
  • Red axles and blue pins are cons, no matter how you look at it (unless they’re on sets of those respective colors).
  • I liked TLR.
  • I should’ve been Lewa in JtO. =P
  • I think that G2 is a lot of fun, and nowhere near as bad as Mesonak is making it out to be.

I second this.


None of those are unpopular opinions. :laughing:


Eljay, I understand your dream, but it’s time to let it- wait…

flashbacks to “Oh Meso”

It’s time to stop dreaming.


Web of Shadows is my favorite Bionicle movie
Firelord is one of my favorite HF sets.


I don’t know why nobody liked firelord. He was a pretty good set.

His legs did look awful tho


Just copying and pasting my opinions on Bionicle from the Original Unpopular Opinions Topic to here. Plus adding a little more.

I like the Bohrok-Kal and Vahki a lot (and feel that they’re under appreciated)

I really liked Krekka a lot when I was younger, and I still do. I really want to get him.

I feel that 2005 was an important year (more specifically to the character development of the Toa Metru/Hordika)

Keeetongu might be my favourite Titan of that year.

I thought the (rubber?) Maks in 2006 looked really cool and unique.

I didn’t mind most if not all the changes made to the Toa Mahri.

I didn’t mind the “changes” made to the Toa Nuva in 2008 and I like them because I feel that they fit the aerial/swamp aesthetic very well

I like Solek, and he’s my favourite of the AV-Matoran. This doesn’t include the Shadow Matoran. (Radiak is my favourite of them all.)

I like 2009, and I feel the overall design and setting harbours more to the original concepts, ideas and setting of Bionicle than the later year of Bionicle until 2009

There’s no set in 2010 that I didn’t like

I like the idea of the revival system of th Red Star, and has some sense to it. (I’ll explain why later)

The 2015 sets have the same, and if not more (thanks to the Gearbox) complexity that G1 sets had (outside of the “Titan sets” introduced that year)

I really like the Skull Villains (Including the LoSS) because of their uniqueness, and I feel is inspired by the Rahi sets (I’ll explain later)

The 2016 sets I feel have more complexity in their (torso) design more than any previous G1 set (this is specifically to the Creatures, Pohatu, Lewa and Gali. The rest don’t count because of their status as “Titan” sets (correct me if I’m wrong), being $20)

I think Umarak the Hunters lower leg design looks fine to me.

Pohatu might be my favourite of the medium sets, and I might like his Unity form with Ketar more than most of the others.

Ketar is literally a reverse of Akida. Ketar looks odd (to some), but has (odd to some) play value and functionality for itself, while Akida looks good (probably my favourite Creature), but literally has no functionality on its own (the upper body thing more or less applies to the Union with Gali.)

The Beasts all awesome, and Quake Beast may be my favourite.

I don’t mind the amount of trans blue on Ekimu the Mask Maker.

I may do it and HF later.


I actually share some of those opinions.