Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

I never liked the Toa Empire story arc of Takanuva's way to Main Universe Karda Nui.

Witch Doctor was over the top in Savage Planet.

Makuta Teridax takedown of the Matoran Universe was a stupid idea for the start.

I would love to see Stinger and Nex some love in 2013 and 2014.


I share these.

I hate Toa Mata Pouhatu's design. (Or at least think that's unpopular)

While I think he could've been a better, having the set in hand, I.. kinda like Hewkii Mahri.

I liked Breakout Nex's design

I think the Hordika are kinda cool

I like Krekkas set, he's really grown on me since I got him a couple years ago.

I enjoyed the designs of all the Nuva (except Gali)

Hypocrisy noted, post deleted.


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I think Solek is an awesome Av-Matoran set.
I think everybody is being unfairly harsh towards Ketar.
I think the Ignika and Piraka builds are good builds (Boring? yes. Bad? no)

And that is all I got for the moment. I have some other opinions, but I don't know the communitie's opinion on them. And before any Mods or Admins say anything: I am being serious with those opinions.


I liked Hero factory.
Despite being pretty bad, I feel HF's show was probably better than Bionicle's movies.
I didn't like Bionicle's movies, even as a kid.
The Hordika were a decent idea.
HF is at times more complex in terms of build than Bionicle G1, just a lack of greebling makes it not look that way.
I dislike Takanuva, because he defeated the point of Unity, overrode the destiny of the other Toa, and all that.
The Inika build wasn't so bad.
The early Bionicle G1 sets are objectively not very good.
I like many of HF's villains.
HF 1.0's villains were really cool.
Witch doctor may well be one of the best constraction sets of all time.
I want HF to return when Bionicle G2 is over, with more emphasis on villain sets being bigger and tougher and with a darker mood.
Stringer was pretty cool.
CCBS is a better system than G1's.
I love Umarak the hunter and want the destroyer.
The glatorian were cool.
While the stars were pretty bad, they weren't too bad for kids, because I got to use them as army-builders.
The ignition trilogy was pretty clever. Also, the first year sorta feels like a superhero story.
Meltdown deserved more love.
Invasion from Below wasn't very good.
The 2008 Toa nuva were definite upgrades, even if they didn't look like the old ones.
G2 is a good thing.


Since when is that an unpopular opinion? :smile:

Another one: Von Nebula was an awful set.


I Like HF more then BIONICLE.

I think the best years of G1 BIONICLE was the Ignition trilogy.

I think every single HF episode is better then JtO.

I like HF's sets better then almost any set from G1.


I like 2005.

I can't stand the way the Kanohi Nuva look (except for the Akaku Nuva).

I enjoyed the ridiculously complex story of G1.

I like Metru colors better than Mata colors, because they give the sets a darker, more serious appearance.


I like Mahri Hewkii. In fact he may be my favorite Mahri, if not Jaller.


I like the Bohrok Kal more than the normal Bohrok for some reason.


JK. HF is pretty cool in itself.

I think witch doctor is the better than most g1 sets.


I absolutely loved the Vahki when they came out and I still do, and I think that Ultimate Dume is garbage, Skull Grinder is by far one of the most awesome villains in Bionicle for his ultimate badassery in the animations (I mean come on he literally spoke once and that line was probably the most intimidating one I've never seen spoken by a bad guy in Bionicle), and my favorite theme for G1 is bye bye Babylon, the piraka, the inika and axonn are pretty awful, and I think that 2005 was a very important year for the story because most of the characters had an important character arch.

Real talk, what do you find appealing about those? I thought they were awful, personally.


I liked pretty much all of it. the animation, the voice acting, the story, the characters. As well as general nostalgia.


I can respect your opinion.

but you're still a heretic /s

  • I find "Rise of the Rookies" to be more enjoyable (through nostalgia) than any of the first three BIONICLE films.

  • I don't like Umarak TD. His color scheme is boring, he's gappy, his hand-closing function seems superfluous, and to quote Mesonak, "Those horns are dumb."

  • Skull Scorpio is my second-favorite G2 villain set (behind Umarak TH.)

  • 2016 Toa > 2015 Toa

  • I like The Legend Reborn.
  • I don't think the Stars suck.
  • I hate Mata Nui as a character.
  • The HF villains are more enjoyable to me than the Bionicle G2 villains sans both versions of Umarak.
  • I love Skull Warrior.
  • I hate Ekimu as a character.
  • I think Bionicle is going to continue past 2017.
  • I don't hate Ketar.
  • I don't like the island of Metru-Nui.
  • I like Web of Shadows and I think Vakama was a perfectly fine choice for the betrayer Toa
  • I don't like the Mata Nui Robot concept
  • I dont like the Toa Mata design.
  • I like even less the Toa Nuva design.
  • Rakshi are overrated in many ways.
  • Bionicle G1 pieces are less useful than CCBS pieces.
  • G1 and G2 stories suck when they repeat story elements.
  • Metru Nui is more interesting than Mata Nui.
  • Ice and Stone are just sub-elements of Water and Earth and are not unique elements.
  • Love is canon.
  • I like all the Phantoka designs, even Pohatu.
  • I hated the Inika masks.
  • The Upper part of the Vahi looks way better than the lower half.
  • Hero Factory was a great line and should have continued together with Bionicle.
  • 2016 Toa look worse than the 2015 Toa, specially Gali, Tahu, and Pohatu.
  • I didnt mind the male voice on Gali in the online animations.
  • Journey to One was a pathetic attempt of a a show. If you can even call it a show with only 5 episodes.
  • I think the obviousness of who is the villain/bad guy and who is the hero/good guy made Bionicle worse in terms of story telling.
  • Greg Farshtey is not a good writer in terms of writing a story that spans multiple years.
  • I like the Vakama turning evil in Web of Shadows thing.
  • Makuta should not be a villain.
  • I think Bionicle would fair better if it wasnt completely controlled by LEGO.
  • First three years of G1 are the most overrated years of Bionicle.
  • Invasion from Bellow was a fun and creative year of Hero Factory.
  • Hero Factory Villains were more interesting character wise and appearance wise than both G1 and G2 Villains.

My favorite BIONICLE movies are WoS and TLR.

I love Fire Lord.

I really don't care for the "golden years" of Bionicle, or most of the sets that came out around then.

I love Kongu inika and his mask.