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I am no Bionicle Lore Expert, so pardon me if I don’t know all the details, but weren’t the Makuta originally supposed to be just Rahi creators? If that was the case, then couldn’t at least some of the Makuta want to stick to their original purpose and oppose Teridax’s plans?


Now that I think of it, there were the Spherus Magna universe Makuta. Those were… good? They probably killed Tuma and took over the Skrall, but they partnered up with the Agori against Miserix’ evil army. So yes, them partnering up with the good guys may be possible, (even Teridax allied with Toa for his own benefits sometimes) but still… is that really the same as being good?

The GBs also intended them to create the Visorak, which had venom that turns people into cruel half-Rahi. I am really confused why the Great Beings thought this was a good idea, but… that’s canon. They gave the Makuta shadow powers to deal with beasts, then somehow oversaw that thinking like a beast might be a bad thing. Makuta are just one big design failure.Well, could excuse at least a bit by saying they were not supposed to have self-awareness, but still, why Visorak, what did the GB think would happen?


Well, it’s easier than the GB’s intentionally leaving one of them inside to make such experiments… Wait, was that Velika all along?

Anyway, didn’t Web of Shadows’ storyline also prove that it is possible to overcome the effects of the Hordika mutagen and remain sane, just with the physical effects of the mutation?


Right, that was a thing… though I don’t think it was specifically mentioned what effects Hordika venom had on inner light?

I don’t know. I’ll definitely be looking that up sometime.

So, what I gathered from BS01 is that the mutation can be halted or reversed in an early stage, but after that will eventually cause permanent madness. So maybe Keetongu offered them to simply stop the mutation process. Not sure on that though.

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Actually, that makes sense, since in the magazine ads in some of the instructions it has a Bionicle article saying “The Toa must find Keetongu”, or similar stuff implying that there is a window of time before the venom’s effects become permanent.


That seems about right; they were mostly meant to take on Matoran slacking off, not Toa.

You could argue that the story needed tougher villains, but the Vahki getting beat up seems consistent with what we know about them.


People complaining about mechs not having knee/elbow articulation annoys me more than mechs not having knee/elbow articulation.


dunno about this one, but darn it, speed champions is one of the best/most accurate license themes out there


I agree. We need more of the original sized cars, though. The two-seaters are too big for road plates.


Honestly how I feel about many things, especially Star Wars fans and the sequels.


The Ninjago Movie isn’t worse than the show.


2009 is my third favourite year for bionicle (07 and 01 are still better)


Constraction shouldn’t be limited to Bionicle only. It is a building system of its own, just like Technic is its own building system. Bionicle and Constraction in general should not be synonymous.