Unpopular Opinions about Movies (and Television Shows)

I agree. Those remakes are actually pretty good.

I also love them and I love the idea of remaking all of them into live action movies. Those kids that saw the animated movies are now grown up, which, out of nostalgia, will go to see the live action movies.

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Yes. That is exactly what I think. I loved Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast remakes, Jungle book actually has a higher Rotten Tomatoes score then the original movie, I was so surprised when I saw that. I really want to see more of the movies of my childhood become live-action.


I could get on the live-action if they did movies I care for. Maleficent and Beauty and the Beast weren’t great, but I didn’t care for the cartoon ones either. (However, the latter had a lot of actors I liked)

I could easily get on board a Tangled or Frozen live-action remake, as those are, in my opinion, leagues better than Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella.

Honestly, the best thing I’d want Disney to live-action-ify would be Pixar movies. I’d love to see a WALL-E, Incredibles, or Toy Story remade with actors.

Frozen I could see.

I don’t care for the Lion King.

I kinda want to see this just to see how they’d pull that off

I belive they are not old enough to get a remake… You should wait like 20 more years fir those…:sweat_smile:

As much as It’s a classic, I Lion Care isn’t my favourite, Dumbo I barely have seen like once or twice and I wasn’t the biggest fan of it, Aladdin, Jungle Book, again, isn’t my favourite, Aladdin will be great since I loved that movie, Beauty And the Beast, Cinderella and Maleficent, were great movies, but I wasn’t a fan of the original movies as much as others.
Remakes I want the most:
Lady and the Trump
101 Dalmatians (a good one this time, not like that terrible 1996 remake)
The Little Mermaid
Atlantis (as much as I would love a Live action adaptation, the original movie is sooo underrated)
Peter Pan
Etc… etc… But I hope the next ones they make will not be just remakes of the movies I don’t really care

The 1996 one is better than the original.

Well this is “Unpopular Opinions right?..

plz don’t hate me

Ok… This is definitely very unpopular opinion… but may I ask why you think so?

I don’t really know. I think it’s something to do with the fact that
A. I found the original incredibly tedious
B. I hate talking animals in cartoons (unless it’s the Lion King)
C. I found all the characters much more interesting.

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I belive that is the point. Kids love talking animals

I believe they’re doing a toy story 4.

But it’s not live action

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Still, I just remembered that

Star Wars the Last Jedi is actually a pretty good movie

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