Unpublished Extended Version of Tale of the Toa

Hey y’all!

Has this been posted about here? I don’t think it has. Long story short, Kova over on Tumblr noticed their Hungarian copy of Tale of the Toa had a lot more content than the English version, and has begun translating the missing sections. If you read through, you’ll see its pretty clear these weren’t some weird additions for the Hungarian print, they resolve lose threads from the English parts and are integrated pretty seamlessly. I can only assume Hapka wrote the full, extended version, and then for whatever reason the powers that be cut it down for release in most markets - but not Hungary for some reason!

So far this is what’s available for reading. Be sure to send your thanks Kova’s way!

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3




Holy crap Cathy Hapka actually may have known how to write.


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Wait, this is unused text from Bionicle? hmm, the text does give more in-dept action from the US variant.

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This is nice to have, but I can see why a lot of it was cut out for the English version. From my brief glance through, a lot of what was omitted was repetitive (i.e. the Toa asking the same questions over and over, which–while they would be asked by each–are unnecessary in a book) or excessive. The final English version is a lot more concise, which is one of the keys to good writing, particularly with a kid’s book, which likely has a word limit attached to it.

Still, definitely a great discovery! I look forward to the rest of the translations!