Unrealistic Wishes for Bionicle

So obviously there’s a ton of stuff that us Bionicle fans would love to have happen. And obviously not all of them are realistic. So this is a place you can talk about all your Bio-fantasies.

So here are two of mine

This first one is not super unrealistic but I don’t think it’s happening any time soon:(
Villager Battle Packs!
Similar to Starwars battle packs this would be a set that you bot for the minifigures. Or in this case super small Tohunga like Ccbs Protectors.(I even have one made and will be uploading it once I have the p.o.e’s mask) It would give you some sort of terrain or landmark (probably made of system) and three villagers and maybe a skull spider or two.

So this one is pretty unrealistic
Super duper amazing Makuta combo wombo thing!
So this wish comes from the Loss’s function and how he’s kind of like a giant hand. So I thought “What if all the main villains will combine to become a super Makuta. With Loss becoming a hand and the other ones becoming other limbs.” I think it would be pretty cool.

So what are some of your unrealistic wishes?


Does it have to be specifically for Gen 2?

If not, any sort of Artakha set so I can see the magnificent b****** in all his glory.


No not really having wishes for gen 1 would be even more unrealistic thus suiting the topic even more.


G1 eh?

man, you know all those cool guys that never got a set
Helryx, artahka, gr8 beings, tren krom, the morbuzahk, a shadowed one set that doesnt look stupid, and isnt a combiner

I want all those


I always wondered how lego would make a Morbuzahk set seeing as their supposed to be fully orhganic…
Maybe nowadays they’d just use a bunch of those Friends vines pieces.


For Okotoverse, that cool names will return for every set.

For the Mataverse;

  • That the serials would be finished
  • Mata Nui robot, system, ultra build, collectors addition set
  • The book of complete Bionicle print media

I want…JALLERXHALHI to be canon.


My wish is for LEGO to make a parts box available for purchase, one with lots of old and new pieces in new colors.
That would sell like hot cakes.


Call me cynical, but I think MNOG re-release in physical form, while being an idea I would back up generously, sounds unrealistic.


I want Ekorak to be come canon.

Now THAT is unrealistic.


Oh oh oh! I got one!

Matoro lives and gets added to the DC Comics Universe!

I’m insane aren’t I? -_-


If Berix was a good character.


I want an even more complex story-line for Gen 2, where all the characters are very well thought out, the villans are dark and awesome (think Darth Vader and the Emperor, Sauron and Melkor, or Voldemort). I want to be engrossed in the story, I want to be surprised in a good way with good plot twists. I want bigger battles, and a bigger Bionicle fandom that could rival something like Star Treks fandom.

This is what I wish for the Okoto-verse.


@TrenKrom That doesn’t seem unrealistic to me.

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Well, since new Bionicle seems more focused towards kids, I feel that we will never get uber-■■■■■■ villains and/or an unpredictable story-line. I’m a Bionicle fan, so I will buy Gen 2 sets just to keep this new Bionicle, but its just not what I want now that I’m not in 1st grade.


Who says kids dont like uber-awesome villains and complex story-lines?


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A proper ending for G1’s story line.


Ending itself was pretty epic but very rushed I think…

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I was referring to the unfinished story serials.

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