Unusual Colour Schemes In BIONICLE

Yah, it is just ugly.

How about Umbra?



What about thok's shade of white, that's pretty unusual


Yeah, Blue, Green, and Yellow is pretty odd too.

Oh, you mean light stone grey? It's not really too unusual, it's pretty close to white.


What set had blue, green and yellow?

Red and Blue never mix, why else would most combat games have red vs. blue?

I think Hewkii Inika and Hewkii Mahri have unusual color schemes.

Hewkii's colour scheme is great, but his mask from 2007 the way the black and yellow blend to create a new

Not really, they are used a lot by MOCists.

so they be burned into mah brain.

Umbra's colour scheme looked like something a moccer made


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Umbra didn't have blue? He had black, silver, green and yellow

Wasn't his mask blue?

Nope! just black.

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With a mocist do you mean a 6-year old who scrapped his/hers inika and metru and built his/hers first moc?


Umbra's mask was black it was that matoran in that karzahni set that had a dark blue ruru metru


Where'd that blue Ruru come from then?

it came from the karzahni set. With umbra's colour scheme it looks like something a 1st time moccer made with only so many pieces

Oh, I remember. I wish I got Karzahni...

Karzahni barely looks like what he appears in the story

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That is because he was mutated in 07 by the pit mutagen.

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Speaking of which..

I think the LEGO workers just dumped ALL THE GREEN into a pile and made a model.