Upcoming Warrior Cats Movie

Kitty Cats fighting in clans. Soon to be in movie form. This is where you can discuss said kitty cats.
Some sources. What are your hopes for the movie?


be prepared for a spike in the producion of edgy deviantart cat ocs


Sounds legit. The right mix of cute cats and violence, gore, pregnancies, implied offscreen sex, and whatnot.


Well I know what I’m not watching.

Interesting turn of events…not sure what exactly to expect but it’ll definitely be…different

Seems like a few years too late, to be honest.

I wonder this will go the Cats and Dogs route of trying to awkwardly direct real cats or if it’ll be all CG like the Jungle Book. Probably the latter.


Yep. Although considering the target audience, a lot if that will probably be left out.

And I didn’t really like the books to start with.

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inb4 they film it like a discovery channel documentary


The screenwriters will have to take quite a bit of creative liberty in order to make 50+ books of about 200 pages a piece into a 1-2 hour movie.

I have a feeling they aren’t doing the whole series in one book. If anything, I’d say maybe the first book, first series at most.


“Alibaba picked up the rights to the British book series,”

Fun fact: a friend of mine became one of those folks because of these books.

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i feel so bad for u

Alright. So I love Warriors, and to see it getting a movie is just amazing. The casting choices seem to be pretty good. Jeremy Irons, the voice of Scar in the Lion King I feel is a pretty good choice for Tiger Claw. Sigourney Weave, while I’m a little suspicious, I’m sure will do a great job as Blue Star. Liam Neeson is always a great choice. Though I am a little wary of Sam Worthington and Andrew Garfield for Fire Paw and Grey Paw respectively. One thing I found rather odd though was Carrie Keranen for Runningnose. I thought Runningnose was a guy. Anyway, the cast seems to be pretty good, and the director has done great things before, and I expect great things to come. I have very high hopes and expectations for this movie.

Wow. I never thought of it that way. Though I’m sure the way this will work is that they’ll be doing the movies one book at a time, and a lot of that stuff doesn’t happen until the 2nd or 3rd one.

But why?

And amazing. Or at least it better be, or else I’ll completely lose faith in book based movies.

I figure it’ll go for a realistic CG approach. That just seems the most logical.

This is the same guy who left in the tormentors. I don’t think he’ll skip out on too much of the action scenes.

I swear if they do that I’ll just lose faith in the film industry all together.

Like I said, they’ll probably go the Harry Potter route and do one Book per movie, and probably just do the original series of the first five books.

I found this quote in one of the linked sites and I just had to share it.

“these are otherwise normal cats dipping their little, bean-like toes into the waters of revenge, romance, and political intrigue far from the unaware eyes of humans. That cats have religion, laws, and a complicated clan hierarchy where some cats are designated as deputies, doctors, or warriors”

I feel like it sums up the series pretty well.

Let’s hope the movies are long running

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I agree, Liam Neeson will make a good Tallstar. From what I remember of him, it’s been like, 3 years since I last read one of the books. Speaking of which, I’d probably better catch back up on the books now…at least the first series…


Same here. I think I got to book four before I stopped reading in general. I really want to get back into it.

I read up to about what seems like halfway through Omen of the Stars, and all the books before that, but it’s been a while.

The what?

The arc/series Omen of the Stars. It’s not a single book.